ToolCASE Officially Launches Fully Customizable AI-Based Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

ToolCASE LLC, a leading provider of AI-powered business tools, showcases its range of solutions to help financial institutions improve their operations

The ToolCASE LLC team reiterated its commitment to developing personalized AI for all categories of businesses, regardless of size, as the IT company showcases its AI-powered solutions for the financial services industry. These state-of-the-art solutions are designed to free up staff, improve security measures, reduce operational costs, detect and prevent financial and cyber fraud, and ensure the business is moving in the right advanced and innovative technological direction.

The use of AI in different fields has become increasingly popular over the years as more companies seek to exploit its features and functionality. Unfortunately, the relatively high cost of acquiring AI solutions has made it difficult for many companies. This is where ToolCASE is different. Its fully customizable and scalable AI products offer better ROI than many other tools on the market.

ToolCASE develops solutions for companies that work with Big Data, PII and financial transactions, including banks, e-merchants, health insurers, credit card issuers, credit unions and all others transactional organizations.

One of ToolCASE’s products, their data aggregation solution, is designed to enable instantaneous real-time analysis of data from multiple sources, facilitating the decision-making process based on real facts about users, products or trends.

ToolCASE’s Transaction Monitoring AI, a solution designed to monitor billions of live data points, can detect even the smallest anomalies in transactions and instantly alert anti-fraud teams to suspicious activity. The goal is to reduce illicit cyber incursions while limiting human error and the possibility of insider fraud due to greed. Such cases can cost transactional institutions millions in losses.

ToolCASE also offers analytics architecture services, used for better data and trend analysis. The tool focuses on several layers of the data warehouse architecture, for example, which defines how users in an organization can access and interact with data. Custom analysis architecture solutions are available from ToolCASE for any industry of any size.

For more information about ToolCASE and solutions from the world’s most advanced and customizable transactional AI company, visit – ToolCASE can also be found on social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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