This website is a universal decryptor and solver of encrypted messages, puns, mathematical operations…

We call “Swiss Army knives” the tools, physical or not, that make it easier for us to have a wide range of tools at hand. -small but useful- of related topics. So, in software, Microsoft PowerToys, DevToys or NirLauncher fall into this category. In web pages, an example of this would be Online Convert, the “Swiss army knife of file conversion”. Another magnificent example would be the website that concerns us today.

dCode is a free site (in English and French) that has built a compendium of “encryption and decryption tools, texts, word game cheats, puzzle solving and treasure hunts, etc.” for 13 years now.but such a succinct description does not give a glimpse of its potential.

Its creator presents himself as “an engineer, webmaster and, above all, a great enthusiast of puzzle games, a fan of cryptography, a player of word games and games in general” and, thanks to his experience, has developed (today, with the collaboration of a large Discord community) tools to automate processes search in word games, decryption of secret messages, etc.

Even better, each tool usually includes, below the data entry form, a frequently asked questions section to explain the theme and how it works. For that alone, the site already deserves to be among our favorites.

The website has a section — which we encourage you to visit — listing each of its tools divided into several categoriesbut we can highlight some of them by grouping them into four main themes:

game solver

Do you have in hand a game designed to discover phrases or words – such as, for example, a Wordle panel or Wheel of Fortune -, which you would like be able to indicate which letters you already have and which ones have already been discarded? Likewise, you can find solvers for games like Sudoku, Lingo, Scrabble or ‘4 Pics 1 Word’.

Or, simply, search for words that match certain criteria. Most of the tools in this category have the ability to use Spanish dictionaries (and several other languages).

cryptography tools

Decoding encrypted messages was the main purpose of this websiteand has a huge library of scripts to encode and decode texts using all sorts of cryptography techniques standard, from the historic Caesar cipher to more contemporary examples like SHA-512 or RSA. And if you do not know what type of encryption has undergone the text you are interested in, do not worry: dCode also has an encryption identifier.

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Code and alphabet tools

Do you want to be able to translate a text between the Latin alphabet and Morse code or Braille? maybe generate barcodes or QR? Or make a conversion between musical notations? Well, you can find all of that in dCode.


mathematical tools

Solve equations? Do. decompose the numbers into prime factors? The same. Calculate irreducible fractions? Sure. Simplify boolean expressions? Covered. To find the mean or the median of a sequence of numbers? Obviously.