Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions Launch B2B Betting Innovation Center to Connect Quality Pricing and Content at Scale | New

LONDON, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Data provider Opta Stats Perform and sports betting technology leader Sporting Solutions have joined forces in a “Betting Innovation Center” to explore and develop new B2B products that will unlock the true potential popular betting experiences like player propositions and bet builders.

The Betting Innovation Center brings together elite expertise in modeling, trading, data science and sports data under one roof for the first time. It aims to offer an extensive new range of markets and product options that combine both superior odds and compelling statistics and contextual information, in easy-to-integrate connected modules.

The resulting products will overcome challenges that have dampened UX and operator confidence in key betting products, creating richer experiences for customers and operators.

A highly anticipated debut product transforms the current player proposition and betting experiences for soccer. It connects detailed, live Opta player statistics and accurate pricing, with contextual betting engagement content and associated markets, including singles and bet builder markets, pre-match and in-play, to the individual player level. It will be easy to integrate, requiring minimal development time for the operator and fast to connect each component. The commercial launch is planned in time for the World Cup in November.

Shane GanonSVP of Partnerships at sports data giant Stats Perform, said: “The ingredients in the Betting Innovation Center are truly world class. Sporting Solutions is renowned for its superior pricing, sharp models and traders, and access to Sporting Index to fine-tune product performance. Stats Perform brings the trust and quality of Opta and RunningBall data, seen by fans of sports broadcasters and publishers around the world, a legacy of creating exceptional front-end experiences to inform and engage bettors, and the greatest team of science sports industry data.

“Together, this means connected, unique and reliable pre-match and in-play betting products, from singles and bet builders, down to the player level, with insightful contextual content for every selection, deployed from more intuitive way, in more places, for more events and sports. Significant work is already underway on our first product and we look forward to launching a series of unbeatable propositions for sports betting and punters,” he said. -he declares.

Sporting Solutions offers market-leading pricing, trading and risk management and its traders are pioneers in the football player markets, offering them since Euro 2002through sister sports betting company, Sporting Index.

“We share a common belief with Stats Perform that betting has huge untapped ‘gambling’ potential. Large scale dynamic pricing is extremely difficult which has held back product and market options. The industry also needs innovative and attractive products that are easy to use and entertaining for bettors to use and do not involve long development times for operators.This is the future we will unlock with our betting innovation center. “is an incredible opportunity for two uniquely compatible companies to join forces and create a new and enduring high-water brand for immersive betting experiences,” said Andy WrightCEO of Sporting Solutions.

Further information on the Stats Perform and Sporting Solutions betting innovation center and its early products can be found at, as well as representatives of the respective companies at Betting on Sports Europe. June 7-9, 2022 .

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