Soul Machines and Microsoft team up to improve AI solutions

AI humanization company Soul Machines has signed a five-year agreement with Microsoft, using Azure technology and creating more opportunities for growth in service AI.

With the increase in automation and hybrid solutions increasingly prevalent throughout the pandemic, Soul Machines’ partnership with Microsoft signals a shift towards more varied opportunities to create personalized AI experiences.

The company will work with Microsoft to implement new solutions and products while using Azure technology to meet its business needs.

They aim to implement a digital workforce that is focused on customer experience, engagement, and solutions for a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and healthcare. services.

Using the expertise of AI researchers, neuroscientists, and psychologists, they’ve created a patented digital brain that makes digital people emotionally sensitive with a personality and character that allows machines to speak to us face to face.

The partnership with Microsoft will lead to a range of new opportunities at all levels of the business, said Greg Cross, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Soul Machines.

“At Microsoft, we saw an organization that shared our principles of responsible AI, a leader in cognitive services, machine learning and relationship building. It’s not just an agreement to use Microsoft services – it will be a partnership in every sense of the word, ”he says.

“Soul Machines has already established a reputation for its lifelike CGI characters and its autonomous animation platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and neuroscientific principles to reflect human behaviors and emotions in conversation with real people. people. This [partnership] represents the next phase in the evolution of Soul Machines as a company, which will help us take our AI and innovation to the world to a whole new level.

The strategy and marketing of Microsoft’s global chief executive, Azure and AI Platform, Ali Dalloul, says the partnership exemplifies the power of AI to push the boundaries of technology and democratize access.

“For us, it’s about innovating with AI to support humanity,” he says.

“As the world increasingly uses digital technologies like AI to address major global challenges or provide better services and more equitable access, collaboration on what that future looks like is essential. “

Dalloul believes the partnership will be a good match and the opportunity for growth and improvement will help deliver better and more personalized AI solutions for the future.

We are delighted that Soul Machine has chosen Azure AI for its products and services. Partnering with Soul Machines is an extremely important opportunity to learn from each other and co-innovate new solutions that make life easier and better for people around the world, because we share a common vision.

Based in Auckland, Soul Machines has more than 200 employees with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Tokyo and Melbourne.