Solid Print3D will distribute AM Solutions’ M1 Basic in the UK

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Solid Print3D will now distribute the M1 Basic post-processing machine, from AM Solutions UK, in the UK. This marks another important development for AM Solutions, which continues to focus its expertise and experience on the vital role of automated post-processing in the additive manufacturing ecosystem.

“We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Solid Print3D, which has a highly respected profile in the UK AM industry. AM Solutions is part of the Rösler Group which has been innovating in surface finishing and post-treatment technologies for over 80 years. With such a pedigree, it is of course paramount that we partner with companies that reflect our values, and this is indeed the case with Solid Print3D. Initially, Solid Print3D will distribute our M1 Basic post-processing solution, a versatile machine that smooths and polishes individual parts and small batches of plastic and metal AM parts,” said Colin Spellacy, Sales Manager at AM Solutions UK.

AM Solutions M1 Basic Post-Processing Machine

AM Solutions’ M1 Basic is a versatile and compact machine that fits easily into virtually any manufacturing line. Several parts can be treated simultaneously, in separate treatment chambers, thanks to the installation of separator plates. The system includes, among other things, a complete and easy-to-use software package that allows the storage of post-processing treatment programs that reduce the risk of operator errors. The machine promotes superior surface finish of parts in a cost effective and repeatable manner.

“Solid Print3D offers honest, unbiased advice and best-in-class digital manufacturing solutions. With world class support, we have become a trusted partner to a growing number of UK and Irish engineering companies. We pride ourselves on listening and understanding our customers exact requirements before offering solutions and working to prove ROI. The area of ​​post-processing in the AM ecosystem is of vital importance today, and as AM continues to prove itself as a viable production process, the role of post-processing as a enabling technology will continue to dominate the AM conversation. We are proud to be able to add the AM Solutions M1 Basic machine to our portfolio and truly recognize its ability to not only improve the surface of metal and plastic 3D printed parts, but in many cases also improve part performance. It perfectly complements our existing range of post-processing equipment and allows us to meet the diverse requirements of AM users,” said Neil Sewell, CEO of Solid Print3D.

AM Solutions provides a range of automated post-processing technologies developed in order to overcome the sometimes slow, costly and disconnected AM process chain, and ensure that AM is an efficient and viable production alternative to legacy manufacturing technologies. The company promotes the development of innovative, customer-centric processes for AM operations and works with customers to ensure the optimal post-processing solution for each application.

“At AM Solutions, we are all committed to focusing our expertise on streamlining the AM ecosystem, and we work hard to ensure that bottlenecks such as post-processing are eliminated through the judicious use of sophisticated automated solutions. We believe our new relationship with Solid Print3D will ensure that more and more companies looking for automated, efficient and cost-effective AM post-processing equipment will see the vital role that our technologies in general – and the M1 Basic in particular – have to play to optimize the use of AM as a production tool,” concluded Spellacy.