Redbridge council to introduce flood protection measures

17:14 July 21, 2022

Redbridge Council has pledged to introduce a range of flood defense schemes after last year’s flash floods.

The authority says it has earmarked £830,000 to implement measures which are planned over “the next few years”.

Heavy rain on July 25 last year caused severe flooding in parts of the borough, with a number of homes affected in Clayhall.

A council spokesperson said work had already taken place at Hurstleigh Gardens, in conjunction with the Environment Agency, to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 100 homes in Clayhall.

The earmarked money will be used to introduce “flood mitigation programs” in areas that have been affected by flooding, they added.

Among the proposals is the installation of such a system at the Westwood Recreation Ground in Seven Kings.

Sustainable drainage systems are also being designed for areas affected by flash flooding last July.

The spokesperson said these capture rainwater, “trapping it where it falls so that excess water can be drained or absorbed by greenery to reduce the amount of water entering sewers”.

Council leader Jas Athwal said: ‘Flash flooding can have a devastating impact on local communities, as we saw here in Redbridge last year when we experienced unprecedented levels of rainfall on a short time period.

“Due to climate change, we face the risk of flash floods occurring more frequently.

“By building the borough’s resilience to flooding, we can better protect our communities and create a safer Redbridge for locals.”

Other measures taken on the issue include rain gardens – large planted borders that absorb water – and what the council has called “shrubbed rejuvenation programs”.

These aim to absorb excess water on the ground.

The council is also working with Thames Water on its work to reduce the risk of flooding in the borough, adding that it is ‘coordinating’ with Transport for London its plans to reduce the risk of surface water flooding in and around of the northern circular.

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