Reaction Biology Announces Integrated Drug Discovery Solutions: The Oncology Reaction Platform

MALVERN, Pa., FREIBURG, Germany, HAIMEN, China, and NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Feb. 02, 2022 /B3C newswire/ — Reaction Biology, a solution provider for small molecule discovery for 20 years, has created a comprehensive platform for integrated drug discovery including target finding, hit identification, hit-to-lead and optimization: The Reaction Oncology Platform.

The Reactive Oncology Platform is based on a network of strategic partners, including Oncology and Biophysics by Reaction Biology, based in the United States and Germany, Medicinal Chemistry and ADME-tox by Symeres, based in the Netherlands, and advanced cardiac/ion channel safety drug discovery by PharmaCore Laboratories based in the United States and China.

“Communication and problem solving are our strong points, which allow us to tackle ambitious projects in close collaboration with the client and between the different teams.” said Kelvin Lam, vice president of strategic business development at Reaction Biology. “True to our reputation as a service-oriented company, we facilitate direct contact between the customer and our team of multidisciplinary scientists.

Haiching Ma, CSO of Reaction Biology, says: “The value of the Reaction Oncology Platform lies in the expertise of our network of partners. No company can be the best in all disciplines; therefore, we choose the best partners to create a leading platform for oncology drug discovery. »

Our joint capabilities allow customers to create new chemical entities against difficult targets in the fight against cancer.

About reaction biology
Founded in 2001, the company provides a full range of preclinical drug discovery services to more than 1,800 customers worldwide. The portfolio includes targeted research and compound screening capabilities, a wide range of mechanistic and biophysical study options, an extensive range of cellular oncology models, and an animal facility focused on oncology models. It has laboratory facilities in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and Freiburg, Germany, with approximately 130 employees.

About Symères
Symeres is Europe’s leading medium-sized contract research, development and manufacturing organization covering a range of drug discovery and development platforms, with over 500 scientists at six sites in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and in the Czech Republic. Symeres’ services range from successful early-stage research through to Phase II clinical drug substance API delivery, blending best-in-class synthetic and medicinal chemistry, ADME-Tox services via our subsidiary Admescope, PR&D, solid state chemistry and GMP manufacturing. and

About PharmaCore Laboratories
PharmaCore Labs (PCL) Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture founded in 2013. The company is located in Haimen, Jiangsu Province, with branches in Shanghai and San Diego. It is the first company in China to provide comprehensive platforms for preclinical cardiac safety evaluation and ion channel-targeted drug development. PCL offers a wide range of testing platforms from the cellular level to the whole animal level, following GLP-like guidelines for preclinical cardiac safety evaluation and ion channel-targeted drug R&D.


Biology of the reaction
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