Quality mobility solutions

Additional Benefits: Classes are a wonderful opportunity to keep moving with that extra social connection – to make new friends and stay active. Photo: Supplied

The Amplified Health team is a diverse group of skilled healthcare professionals whose goal is to provide high quality, person-centered allied health services to help people move, feel better and think more clearly.

Physical and mental well-being

Their goal is to improve the physical and mental well-being of clients so that they get the most out of everyday life.

With experience working with clients, providers and referrals in the aged care industry, the Amplified Health team is focused on ensuring accessibility for all of its clients.

“Our senior community is a big part of the Amplified Health family,” said Jo Buchan, Clinical Director.

“Our team has a real passion for promoting the quality of life and independence of older people.

Movement is medicine

“Age shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing high-quality support. We believe that movement is medicine, and anyone of any age can make positive improvements to their health and movement. ”

Working with the Amplified Health team has many benefits.

They understand the often difficult, yet rewarding, clinical demands for people to have a better quality of life.

Waiting Lists and Funding

They are also able to help their clients navigate long waiting lists and complicated financing structures.

“We are flexible and responsive to patient needs and aim to launch services as soon as possible, which means reduced waiting lists,” added Jo.

“Our cost structure is very streamlined to make things as easy as possible for our clients, and our team is able to help clients and their families navigate the senior care system to ensure optimal outcomes.”

Treatment when appropriate

At the heart of service delivery, people can receive treatment where it suits them.

For seniors with limited mobility, this means they can receive these paramedical services from the comfort of their own home.

People can also attend sessions at the Amplified Health Lab in North Wollongong, or even take part in targeted group classes.

“We find that seniors really appreciate group classes,” said Rebecca Collins, clinical director.

“Classes are a wonderful opportunity to keep moving with that extra social connection. They can make new friends and stay active.

“For those who are isolated, group classes are a fantastic route to connectedness.

“Each day of the week we offer classes very focused on meeting specific needs, from people with Parkinson’s to classes designed for people recovering from stroke.

“We even have a hydrotherapy class for those looking for a gentler way to get around.”

seniors party

“During the Seniors Festival, we really encourage people to get in touch with Amplified Health to see how we can help them achieve their best quality of life. Or book one of our group classes – check out the website at amplifiedhealth .com.au.”

Amplified Health will be holding a falls prevention course for older people at 10 a.m. on Wednesday April 6 at their North Wollongong lab. Reservations are essential.

To find out more about their other services, you can call them on 1300 942 895 or email info@amplifiedhealth.com.au