Process and control today | Clearmark Solutions launches its latest innovative and labor-saving automated e-commerce system

Mounted in the innovative bagging unit, the Direct Print & Apply ICE Vulcan labeling machine from Clearmark integrates seamlessly with the Hugo Beck Flexo e-Comm range of bagging machines. Processing over 1200 packages per hour, the labor-saving system prints and applies address labels with precision directly to the film when the product is wrapped in a shipping bag.

Adhering to GDPR e-commerce compliance rules and ensuring accurate labeling for hassle-free delivery, the ICE Vulcan receives real-time address delivery data and can communicate in a range of protocols, including ZPL and SATO.

This fast, uninterrupted one-in-one-sort process delivers flawless labeling accuracy. By interfacing seamlessly with a company’s order management or warehouse system, it protects sensitive customer data and helps eliminate potential operator error.

Streamlining, fail-safe and labor-saving

Citing the labor and cost savings benefits on high-volume e-commerce packaging lines, Clearmark’s Steve Hancock estimates that to manually achieve the same level of hourly throughput, it would take between 8 and 10 bench conditioners. “As well as being labor intensive, the repetitive nature of this work means it is more prone to human error.”

“By further developing our unique Direct Apply application for the e-commerce market, we are able to eliminate the complexities of applying traditional air stamps found in other systems. By applying directly to the moving film, this allows for smoother, faster and more reliable label application that is virtually maintenance free,” says Steve.

Jonny Braithwaite, Director at Yorkshire Packaging Systems, agrees: “This seamless e-commerce bagging and labeling process eliminates errors and ensures absolute reliability and data security, as well as 100% compliance. % with GDPR laws.”

Efficiency in the bag

Designed for all bagged e-commerce consumable applications ranging from fashion apparel, home furnishings, stationery, white spares, the Flexo e-Comm measures product length for bag length and s adapt accordingly. It adapts to the dimensions of the product by sealing the front and side edge and expelling the air to form a well-fitting bag.

The machine is compatible with all fully recyclable centerfold films (LDPE 04). This includes biofilms and up to 70% recycled content films. Optional open bag perforations and bag seal adhesive strips are available.

Aligned with these sustainability efforts, the fully integrated ICE Vulcan print and apply direct-to-print labeler with its unique non-pneumatic “airless” design, precisely places every label on demand, without the need for an applicator . The height-adjustable Clearmark printing system features Intelligent Motion™ technology. This unique feature enables precise automatic component control and an 80% reduction in wear parts that traditionally lead to unexpected downtime and additional costs.

“Direct application is much more reliable and faster than traditional pad label printing,” Steve reaffirms. For e-commerce operations, where throughput is key to ROI, the slightest hesitation between transferring data and applying a label will have an effect on throughput, “The ICE Vulcan prints three times faster than traditional applicators on the market, using a solid-state, airless print head mechanism.

As a fully integrated e-commerce bagging and labeling solution, there should be no stopping or restarting. Just a smooth process maintaining consistent line speed

“No other label vendor comes close to the speed and reliability of ICE Vulcan for e-commerce operations,” says Jonny. The innovative concept is clearly not lost on e-Commerce warehouse and logistics operations. Serious discussions are already underway to install the Flexo-500 with ICE Vulcan in one of the top 10 online and click and collect furniture companies in the country.

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