Phase One Selects Globe Flight as Business Partner for Drone Solutions in Germany and Austria

Phase One P3 DJI offers millimeter resolution

COPENHAGEN, 9and February 2022 – Phase One, a leading developer of digital imaging technologies, has appointed Globe Flight GmbH as a reseller of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions in Germany and Austria. Based in Barbing, Germany, Globe Flight plans to make the Phase One P3 DJI M300 payload a centerpiece of its comprehensive drone offering for inspection, surveying and other geospatial applications.

The Phase One P3 payload addresses the previously unmet commercial need for high-resolution drone imagery while covering large areas quickly and safely. The P3 enables Globe Flight to offer its customers a complete fully integrated drone solution for the former.

“Our DJI M300 P3 payload is a perfect complement to Globe Flight’s existing products as it opens the door to millimeter-level imaging that was not available with other UAV camera systems,” said Carsten Wieser, Director Sales Regional for Central and Northern Europe at Phase One. “The P3 will appeal to current Globe Flight customers and attract additional users in inspection sectors requiring extremely detailed drone imagery to inspect their infrastructure.”

Globe Flight is an ideal business partner for the first phase in the region, and the two companies will collaborate in Germany and Austria to further cultivate the market for UAV applications.

The German company is a recognized drone expert, offering a host of comprehensive solutions that include DJI sales and maintenance, product testing, regulatory advice and pilot training. Globe Flight has traditionally equipped its customers with DJI drones for use in inspection, surveying, agriculture and more. The company expects PPP to expand these applications in the following specific areas:

  • Inspection: Power lines and masts, wind turbines, bridges, railways, roads, building facades and roofs, oil and gas installations (including torch towers), mobile phone tower, solar panels, dams, digital twins.
  • Surveying: High precision and extensive mapping.
  • Agriculture: Phenotyping, precision agriculture.

“We are excited about this partnership with Phase One as it allows us to offer our customers a fully integrated, ready-to-fly solution with the DJI P3 payload,” said Anselm Doetterl, Globe Flight Enterprise Sales Director.

The DJI M300 P3 is a ready-to-fly plug-and-play system on a DJI Matrice 300 drone with a user-selectable option of the Phase One iXM 100MP or 50MP camera mounted on a new gimbal with integrated laser rangefinder. Phase One offers other drone payloads, including versions for drones supported by MAVlink and the DJI M600 Pro. All are designed primarily for fast, efficient and safe critical infrastructure inspection, yet versatile enough to handle any end-user application.

Phase One iXM high resolution medium format metric cameras have four RSM lens options and offer a dynamic range that ensures crisp image collection in high contrast or low light environments. The variety of lens options ensures that large areas can be captured in millimeter detail, even at safe distances from the asset. The new gimbal with built-in laser rangefinder ensures precise and fast focus on every shot, eliminating blurry, out-of-focus images, so big features can be covered in fewer frames and shorter missions.

Globe Flight’s Anselm Doetterl concluded: “We are very excited about this new partnership with Phase One and look forward to a big, bright and positive future for both companies. We will be able to tackle new markets together, as new use cases emerge every day in rail networks, transport corridors and agriculture.

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About the first phase

Phase One A/S is a leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of medium and large format digital cameras and imaging systems.

Founded in 1993, Phase One is a pioneer in digital photography. Phase One has developed core imaging technologies and a range of digital cameras and imaging modules, delivering the world’s best image quality in terms of resolution, dynamic range, color fidelity and geometric precision. As a result, Phase One has become the leading provider of high-end imaging technologies in many demanding industries, such as aerial mapping, industrial inspection and cultural heritage digitization, while serving the most demanding photographers. demanding in the world.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with regional offices in New York, Denver, Cologne, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Phase One maintains long-term relationships with its customers, technology partners and network. distributors worldwide, often acting as a digital imaging partner for customers with special requirements. It is with this passion for service that Phase One continually exceeds expectations and moves the imaging industry forward.

First phase

Company Contact:

Ziva Razon, Vice President of Marketing


About Globe Flight

As one of DJI’s main corporate partners in Europe and the only B2C distributor for the Austrian market, the mission of Globe Flight and its more than two dozen drone professionals is to provide customers with a complete service around state-of-the-art UAVs. systems and applications. Consumers as well as industrial customers and public authorities turn to Globe Flight for reliable, high-performance drone technology. The company’s diverse portfolio includes drones, various complementary products as well as software solutions from the world’s leading provider DJI. Additionally, Globe Flight customers have access to a range of products and systems from innovative brands around the world. Its reputation as a competent training provider for drone pilots has helped establish strong commercial links with the public sector, making Globe Flight a trusted partner of organizations such as the BBG – Bundesbeschaffung, the Austrian Federal Agency for supply. Customers are served from the company’s headquarters in Regensburg, accounts in northern Germany and throughout Austria also have dedicated local project and sales managers at their disposal.


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