Palfinger will exhibit the latest smart solutions at Bauma

At this year’s Bauma show, Palfinger will offer it a comprehensive portfolio of smart, connected technologies. In addition to innovative crane models and lifting solutions, the company uses alternative drive types, as well as intelligent technologies and assistance systems, to open up future-oriented applications for its customers.

Changing conditions require smart solutions. They offer new ways of doing things, increase efficiency and are also sustainable and future-oriented. It is with this strategy that Palfinger will present its latest technologies and solutions in Munich.

“In line with our Vision & Strategy 2030, our goal is to offer complete integrated solutions from a single source. The focus is on our customers and their needs. At Bauma, we will prove that we are already proactively solving the challenges of the current era. We will present developments that will continue to make our customers’ work more efficient and profitable in the future,” says CEO Andreas Klauser. “In order to be able to adapt our solutions precisely to the applications of our customers and partners in the future, intensive discussions at Bauma are crucial for us. Because the world’s leading trade fair is the biggest meeting place for the construction industry.

On an exhibition area of ​​almost 2,500 m², the world’s leading producer and supplier of innovative crane and lifting solutions will demonstrate its comprehensive digitization competence at bauma. Palfinger focuses on three key topics (Smart Solutions, Smart Services and Eco-Efficient Solutions), which are reflected in product innovations and at the same time are part of the Vision & Strategy 2030 – to become a complete solution provider.

Intelligent lifting solutions
Complex challenges on inner-city construction sites and lifting tasks requiring long reach pose constant challenges for PALFINGER customers. To meet these demands, PALFINGER has completely redesigned its flagship product, the loader crane, ushering in a new era of crane designs. It effectively combines the advantages of its predecessors with smart technologies, such as the innovative PALTRONIC 180 control system and the ultimate LX-6 control valve.

In addition to a new design, all crane models of the new TEC series are also equipped with the innovative Smart Control to control the tip of the crane and the Memory Position crane positioning system, which can store up to four-position crane. The leveling assistant helps to level the cranes optimally. These intelligent systems enable faster start-up of operations as well as more efficient and simpler work processes. The PK 580 TEC will be the first of the new crane models to be seen on the road. The true precision expert in the 60-meter large crane segment can be flexibly equipped with Palfinger TEC assistance and comfort systems. In combination with the mobile hybrid power unit, it becomes an emission-free solution with minimal noise emissions, while the integration of a tilting crane fork on the fly jib creates a high degree of work safety. difficult, such as in narrow spaces.

With the PK 1050 TEC, Palfinger presents an absolute highlight in the segment of large cranes. Featuring a fly jib and huge lifting capacity, it stands out in its metre-ton class with an unprecedented reach of 37 metres. With DPS-C, lifting capacity is continuously maximized in all positions, as the intelligent system knows exactly where the tip of the crane is at any given time. In addition to the models in the large crane segment, the new PK 250 TEC, currently the smallest P-profile crane, demonstrates that even a compact crane can deliver impressive performance. It convinces with its hydraulic reach of almost 20 meters and a maximum lifting capacity of 23.5 meter-tonnes.

More precision
The future of construction is high-tech and interconnected. That is why, in addition to hardware product innovations, Palfinger is increasingly using intelligent solutions that set new standards. The innovative Smart Control for controlling the tip of the crane unites the crane with the operator and revolutionizes the work process. Instead of moving up to three different levers, Smart Control only requires one to move the crane tip horizontally or vertically. So the operator only has to specify the direction of the crane tip, while the smart technology combines the crane movements needed to reach the exact target position.

However, precision is not only required for crane control. The work steps related to the loading and unloading of containers also require millimeter precision. Since container handling is one of the biggest challenges in everyday working life, PALFINGER has taken care of it and developed an intelligent assistance system – Smart Loading Assist. The latest version of this semi-automatic system will be presented for the first time at Bauma.

The power of electric mobility
The electrification of applications and processes creates sustainable added value. At Bauma 2022, Palfinger will showcase a number of electrical solutions, including the innovative eDRIVE technology that enables the energy-efficient and completely emission-free operation of loader cranes. With eDRIVE, operators can choose between a Li-Ion battery, mains electricity or the vehicle’s engine at the push of a button while operating the crane. Depending on the requirements, the best drive option can then be selected. In addition, eDRIVE operates almost silently, making it possible to work in noise-sensitive areas and at night. The batteries of this smart system can also be easily charged between jobs using the built-in generator. Palfinger also relies on the power of E-mobility for its aerial platforms. In addition to the adaptable and mobile power units, two emission-free aerial platforms will also be presented at bauma 2022: the P 250 BK and the P 280 CK.

Palfinger also demonstrates a pioneering spirit in its proactive cooperation with its partners. Together with ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, they developed the ZF eWorX module, which can power the entire Palfinger product line. This is achieved by making truck power available to mounted equipment to proactively utilize the truck’s electrical power source.

The principle is simple: the traction battery of the electric truck supplies electrical energy via an interface. The ZF eWorX system converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and manages the communication between the PALFINGER lifting solution and the vehicle. The module will be displayed on a Mercedes-Benz eActros equipped with the PST 18 skip loader.