OPPONENTS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Transparency, necessary solutions

A recommendation to Brent Regan and CDA Press that Regan’s next commentary covers exactly why he and his Idaho Freedom Foundation and radical KCRCC are so opposed to supporting public schools. When parents are asked about the schools their children attend, there is most often a high percentage (>70%) of approval. Asked about public schools in areas other than their own, the rating drops. I believe the dip in approval when talking about a school other than the one your child attends is due to people like Regan and her organizations always speaking negatively about the state of public education. Add Paul Van Noy of Candlelight Church to this list of leaders trying to undermine public trust in schools.

Communities value the education that public schools and education employees provide to children. Our schools welcome children of all socio-economic and academic levels. Our schools help families and children with a range of special needs. We host sporting events to unite members of our communities and to enhance the educational experience. Orchestra, band, theater, choir, robotics, chess, math competitions, technology challenges, international travel, community volunteering, leadership in government opportunities, and more. are just a few of the programs beyond the classroom that come directly from supporting our schools.

Brent, please explain to us exactly why you and your buddies oppose public schools and what your solution is to ensuring education for all KC children.


Coeur d’Alene