NHSX tests the market for digital solutions for eye care

NHSX is surveying vendors on the prospects of new digital solutions to support optometric services.

He published an information note direct interested companies to a questionnaire in order to understand the current maturity of the market.

The exercise is held as part of the NHSX Pharmacy, Optometry, Dentistry, Ambulance and Community (PODAC) program.

The advisory says that while the engagement is simply an information-gathering exercise, it will help inform PODAC’s business strategy and any future purchases.

“The project aims to understand the availability of solutions that can help the NHSX further digitize optometric services by enabling optometrist services to connect more effectively with each other and with other healthcare providers, throughout health and care systems at large, ”the opinion says.

“This in turn will increase transparency and access to services and allow for better communications between clinical teams and services, thereby improving the patient experience and performance of the journey. “

It highlights a number of digital developments for optometry, including the increase in remote consultations for eye care during the Covid-19 pandemic, the establishment of a dynamic purchasing system agreement for electronic eye care reference systems and optical coherence tomography (OCT) image sharing. with integrated care systems.

The notice also outlines plans including expanding image-sharing capacity, digitally transferring relevant information into patient records for a wider range of services and pathways, and developing plans for health centers. digital eye care as part of the National Eye Care Recovery and Transformation Program.

Image from iStock, Spainter vfx