New measures show how happy New Zealanders are

New data from the 2021 General Social Survey (GSS) has revealed that more than three-quarters (78%) of New Zealanders rated their happiness the previous day at least 7 out of 10, Stats NZ today said.

When asked to rate how happy they felt the day before (on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 means not at all happy and 10 means completely happy), more than a third (37%) of Neos – Zealanders reported very high levels of happiness (9 to 10).

On a similar scale, more than half of New Zealanders (53%) reported very low levels of anxiety (0 to 2), while only 3.4% reported very high levels of anxiety (9 to 10). Women were more than twice as likely as men to report very high levels of anxiety (9 to 10) the night before (4.6% and 2.2%, respectively).

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