NanoSun, specializing in mobile hydrogen refueling solutions, won the “Design and Innovation” award at the 2022 Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards

NanoSUN, a Lancaster-based company specializing in mobile hydrogen refueling solutions, announces that it has won the “Design & Innovation” award at the 2022 Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards.

NanoSUN attended the Annual Business Awards and Networking Dinner in Cheshire to accept the prestigious title sponsored by McLaren. The NAA event showcased success stories from automakers, supply chain companies and service providers in the region.

Facing stiff competition, with key regional automotive industry players shortlisted, the judges were impressed with NanoSUN’s bold approach to addressing one of the infrastructure industry’s fundamental challenges in the adoption of hydrogen for the decarbonization of heavy transport.

The judges also recognized the company’s strong approach to industrialization, with a very clear vision and plan, including secured financing.

Realizing that the transport sector, requiring a zero-emission fuel (hydrogen), will never be able to take hold unless there is a simple and inexpensive mechanism to distribute this new fuel, NanoSUN focused on the design and development of its Pioneer Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS); offering operators of small to medium-sized heavy-duty truck fleets a flexible, low-cost fueling alternative to expensive fixed hydrogen fueling stations.

Dean O’Connorthe CEO of NanoSUN who received the award on behalf of the team commented:

It is an honor to receive the Design & Innovation Award.

“It was an inspiring evening and to see NanoSUN’s name next to McLaren on an award is a bit special. We sat in a room with giants of the automotive industry and listened to a keynote, with 50 years in the industry, talking about the critical importance of doing more with hydrogen in the energy transition… fast !

“It was also great to see at least two other innovative hydrogen-focused companies in the room – Ulemco and Oaktec.”

“As a fast-growing SME, we are a passionate team with a strong commitment to the energy transition of the transport sector and we are extremely proud of our product. We have an extremely talented team at NanoSUN and it is great to see them receive industry recognition for their accomplishments and dedication to the hydrogen industry. »‍


NanoSUN is an award-winning, world-leading engineering company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing mobile hydrogen fueling solutions for use in the transportation industry.

From industrial gases to the transportation and mobility sectors, we aim to accelerate the use of hydrogen through our innovative technologies by bridging the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the systems needs of end users. practical, economical, easy to use and safe refueling stations.


The NAA is a nonprofit organization that provides a membership service, combined with a project management function. Their services range from strategic, business and technical advice to providing training, support for funding applications and sponsored business awards.

The network they have developed, combined with their sectoral expertise, allows them to skilfully support regional automotive companies of all sizes.

Their mission is to provide personalized support to their member companies, helping them succeed at what they do best.

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NanoSUN 2022 Design & Innovation Award Winners, September 23, 2022