Mindeye Solutions Launches Online Therapy Platform in India – Lissun

Mindeye Solutions is a reputable company that has launched one of the best online therapy platforms in India called Lissun.

Mindeye Solutions has announced the launch of its new online therapy application called Lissun. The app is designed to provide mental health support to people living in India. Lissun offers a variety of features such as chat-based counseling, audio-visual therapies, and self-help modules. The app is available for free on Android and iOS devices. Mindeye Solutions is committed to providing access to mental health care for all and hopes the launch of Lissun will help meet the growing need for mental health support in India.

In response to a question regarding their Lissun app, the spokesperson for Mindeye Solutions said. “Everyone deserves guidance and help whenever life presents a challenge. An appointment with our LISSUN expert is all you need to get your life back on track if something is disturbing your mental peace or emotional well-being.

Gurgaon-based Mindeye Solutions’ comprehensive online psychological wellbeing platform called ‘Lissun’ brings together a team of mental health professionals, technology experts and wellbeing professionals to provide a support people in all aspects of their daily lives. If you are looking to consult the best clinical psychologist in indiaso consider downloading Lissun and make an appointment today.

The spokesperson added further. “To allow you to fully enjoy life, we want to provide you with strong mental and emotional well-being; before referring you to a psychologist or psychiatrist, our therapist will first analyze your situation. Count on our LISSUN experts to be your confidant and help you with the best techniques and attentions.

Mindeye Solutions’ core staff consists of alumni of some of India’s most reputable universities including IIT, IIM, ISB and NIMHANS. Millions of people will benefit from psychological help in all facets of their lives thanks to the Lissun of Mindeye Solutions, which aims to transform their lives. Those looking for the best online therapy in india should consider Lissun as their first choice.

About Mindeye Solutions

Mindeye Solutions’ goal is to improve the lives of millions of people by providing psychological help in all facets of daily life. The company provides access to licensed psychologists and counselors who can help people with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and more. The service is available 24/7 and users can chat live with a therapist or book a session for later. In addition to counseling services, Mindeye Solutions also offers popular wellness and therapy apps such as Lissonas well as a range of wellness programs including yoga, meditation and nutritional advice.

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Call– +91-9821688144

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Website– https://www.lissun.app/

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