MEAN WELL introduces 3+N system solutions

Digital Lighting Controller-DLC-02 for office lighting applications. Credit: MEAN WELL

MEAN WELL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of standard power supplies. Since its establishment in 1982, MEAN WELL has launched more than 10,000 power products. Its diverse and comprehensive product line fully satisfies the power supply needs of customers around the world. However, some customers require products that can be integrated with existing ones and provide intelligent control integration capabilities. System planning for intelligent control functions is difficult, so customers must rely on the technical capabilities of manufacturers. To solve this problem, MEAN WELL recently launched 3+N system solutions, which is the first wave of solutions focusing on the DALI digital lighting system.

MEAN WELL introduces 3+N system solutions, the first focused on intelligent lighting control.
Photo: Company

The “3” in 3+N System Solutions refers to rack power supply, modular power supply and system power supply; while the “N” stands for other MEAN WELL products and controllers. As part of the 3+N solution, MEAN WELL combined a set of system solutions according to customer requirements to provide the corresponding power supply combinations. Tony Hsieh, Section Manager of MEAN WELL’s Technical Service Center, said, “MEAN WELL is like an amoeba that can meet customer needs by modifying and adapting its product line.”

Unlike the “you place an order, I fulfill” product sales model, when selling 3+N system solutions, MEAN WELL’s sales and technical teams must first understand what customers actually need. before “prescribing the right medicine”. Since MEAN WELL has established a complete global distribution system, it is able to provide consulting services to customers all over the world.

Three smart lighting control solutions: IoT, DALI and KNX

MEAN WELL first promoted 3+N system solutions for smart LED lighting applications and launched solutions for IoT lighting control, DALI lighting control and KNX building automation, covering the most of today’s LED lighting needs.

Among these, the IoT lighting control solution is suitable for small spaces. MEAN WELL uses Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing users to change settings and control light switches and dimmers wirelessly via an app on a mobile phone or tablet. MEAN WELL has partnered with world famous manufacturers such as Casambi, Tuya and SILVAIR to design various LED drivers for wireless lighting control, which are suitable for constant current control, LCM-IOT series for lamps, and the constant voltage control, serial PWM-IOT for light strips.

DALI is a widely used communication protocol of digital lighting applications for buildings in Europe. It is suitable for communication between lighting control devices, making lighting control setup easier and reducing the need for rewiring. Rex Lin, Product Manager of MEAN WELL’s Product Strategy Center, explained, “The DALI Alliance continues to add new lighting control functions to the protocol, and MEAN WELL quickly launched corresponding solutions. Now, we not only supply the product DALI-2 driver power supply, we have also launched DALI-2 DLC-02 digital controllers with the latest specifications.”

Digital Lighting Controller-DLC-02 for office lighting applications

Digital Lighting Controller-DLC-02 for office lighting applications
Photo: Company

The DALI-2 digital control system is mainly composed of three parts: bus, control device and control gear. The controller includes an input device and an application controller. MEAN WELL has launched a DLC-02 controller that complies with the latest DALI-2 IEC 62386-103 standard. It has two built-in independent DALI power supplies (each set can supply 250mA of current), so it can be used as a bus power supply and application controller in DALI systems. By integrating input device and control equipment, we can build a complete DALI digital lighting control system.

KNX is also a common control system in Europe. Unlike DALI, the scope of KNX control extends from lighting to the whole building as it can connect different electrical control systems together. MEAN WELL has also launched KNX-related products that comply with international standards, including LED power supplies, KNX gateways and actuators. Depending on the application, these products can be used with various MEAN WELL products.

Taipei 101 Boutique Watch Store Deploys Digital Lighting System

3+N system solutions have received positive feedback since their launch, with many success stories. Taipei 101 watch store adopted DALI-2 DLC-02 controller solution as suggested by MEAN WELL team. To help the customer meet their lighting needs for different scenarios, MEAN WELL team suggested the best digital control solution according to the customer’s application requirements and scenario, and matched it so flexible to customer’s lights. Rex Lin pointed out, “For different groups and applications, we use lights with different powers and optical angles. It is not always possible to find a digital lighting controller that meets these needs. MEAN WELL’s DALI-2 DLC-02 can utilize the benefits of digital lighting to configure groups and lighting scenarios of lights on the same circuit, providing customers with greater flexibility. Additionally, when combined with the latest DALI-2 DT8 variable color application, general groups and scene applications are available for the same lighting controller, along with color change applications. With this, the customer could adjust the background color of the store displays to match the theme of their luxury watches, achieving the best mood lighting effect.

Demonstration Kit Suitcase: Helping Customers Quickly Understand MEAN WELL’s Solutions

To help distributors explain the 3+N smart lighting solution to customers, MEAN WELL has designed 3+N IoT, DALI and KNX solution demo kits. For the DLC-02 DALI-2 controller solution, for example, MEAN WELL integrated the DLC 02 controller with two digital dimmable LED drivers, LCM (constant current output) and PWM (constant voltage output), and built-in lights in a support case. This demo kit can also be connected to other lights.

In addition, MEAN WELL’s virtual exhibition technical service hall also offers introductions and success cases of 3+N system solutions to help customers quickly familiarize themselves with the solutions. For 3+N system solutions, MEAN WELL will launch solutions for other applications in the future. Eris Wu, Manager of MEAN WELL’s Global Technical Service Center, said, “In response to global net zero and carbon neutral trends, MEAN WELL will launch 3+ energy saving and green energy solutions. n to help customers overcome multiple challenges.