Matrix will showcase its solutions at Matrix Partner Connect, Lucknow

With its inception three decades ago, Matrix has become a growing name in telecommunications and security globally. Matrix covers all the security and communication needs of organizations of all sizes thanks to its wide range of solutions in the field of video surveillance, access control, time attendance and telecommunications.

Matrix focuses on providing customer-focused technology solutions by providing world-class products researched, designed and developed locally in India. With research and development representing 40% of its human resources, Matrix has a wide range of more than 60 technologically advanced products spread over its 4 areas. With a global network of over 2,500 partners serving over one million users worldwide, Matrix is ​​solely focused on sales through its channel partners.

With intensive research at the forefront, Matrix builds innovative enterprise-grade solutions nationally and internationally. To shed light on these latest innovations in security and telecommunications, Matrix presents its ideation event – ​​MATRIX PARTNER CONNECT 2022. To bridge the gap surrounding the pandemic, through this event, Matrix looks forward to the convergence of partners and system integrators to expand business opportunities.

Working hand in hand with its distribution partner – MIRACLE AUTOMATION, Matrix is ​​looking forward to rolling out its next installment of MATRIX PARTNER CONNECT in the city of Lucknow. With its status as the fastest growing defense corridor, infra and greatest spiritual circuit, Lucknow has become a city with a growing industrial presence. Especially with full-fledged connectivity to various industrial hubs nearby, Lucknow – this “heart of the nation” location is a place with extensive potential for the growth of Matrix Business and its IS network. The event will take place at the Centrum, Lucknow.

In this edition of Partner Connect, Matrix will showcase all of its IP video surveillance solutions which consist of server-based enterprise-grade NVRs, UL listed cameras, Matrix VMS, and more. Focusing on customer challenges such as bandwidth utilization, storage costs, multi-site office management, and reactive security, Matrix complements all organizational needs. On-screen cameras will include the Matrix range of turret, dome, bullet and PTZ cameras. Ranging from 2MP to 8MP, the area scan cameras are stamped with UL certification, a global standard for safety, and NEMA certification for protection against environmental hazards, providing high clarity images for better scenario detail. Along with this, Matrix introduces its server-based enterprise-grade NVRs. With pre-installed video management software supporting redundancies and hot-swappable hard drives – HDD/SSD capable of up to 144TB storage capacity, this technological marvel addresses all organizational security concerns.

When it comes to access control and time attendance, Matrix is ​​the only OEM that manufactures everything from panels, door controllers and readers to software in-house. In the Time-Attendance segment, Matrix will showcase its Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance Device (AEBAS) designed explicitly for government organizations – COSEC VEGA FAXQ. By securely using Aadhaar information from the UIDAI server, this device helps the government to accurately mark the attendance of its employees. In addition, Matrix will showcase its best-in-class facial recognition-based door controller with high accuracy, identification speed of less than 0.5 seconds and massive 50K user capacity – COSEC ARGO FACE. Incorporating multiple connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, PoE, and Ethernet, these devices offer the best for modern organizations.

In the area of ​​access control, Matrix will present its multi-faceted site controller controlling up to 255 COSEC door controllers and 25,000 users – COSEC PANEL200P. Moreover, Matrix brings its pure access door controller with multiple advantages over conventional access control terminal – COSEC ARC DC200P. Its POE capabilities and multiple mounting options make it easy to install even in tight spaces with minimal wiring. This event will showcase the entire Matrix access control product line.

In the field of Telecommunications, Matrix is ​​the only OEM to offer all products and solutions for business communication. Under the Telecom Solutions umbrella, Matrix will showcase its product and solutions including PBXs, IP-PBXs, Server PBXs, Media Gateways, Communication Terminals and Softphones.

Anil Mehra, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says: “With its exclusive event – Matrix Partner Connect 2022, Matrix wants to bring all system integrators and business prospects together on the same platform. Through this event, one of our main goals is to connect with organizations through system integrators, showcase our successful case studies internationally, and demonstrate how Matrix addresses various verticals with our enterprise-grade solutions.