Master Builders Solutions launches a new range of admixtures

Germany: Master Builders Solutions has announced the addition of a new line of admixtures consisting of MasterEase and Master X-Seed to its admixture portfolio. The company has developed MasterEase and Master X-Seed to enable European cement companies to produce cement from the new EU Portland CEM II/CM and CEM VI composite cements. Master Builders Solutions hopes the new products will help the construction industry transition to low-clinker cements and CO2-optimized concrete.

European President of parent company MBCC Group, Christian Geierhaas, said: “Providing sustainable solutions is a key driver of Master Builders Solutions’ overall portfolio and strategy. Strong partnerships are essential and support and accelerate the development of meaningful innovations. We work with major players to continuously develop effective admixtures to add value to our customers and achieve a long-term sustainable positive effect on the construction industry. He added: “In addition to the usual performance criteria, such as fluidity and resistance to compression, our new solutions for our ready-to-use customers are characterized by their remarkable robustness. Our admixtures provide an important differentiator by ensuring consistently high quality concrete, even as the type of cement varies and the raw materials used to produce these new, more durable cements fluctuate.