Madison Advisors Releases New Study on Custom Interactive Video Solutions

Colleyville, TX—Madison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced the availability of its latest research report, “Interactive Personalized Video Solutions Market Research.” Seeing personalized interactive video (IPV) solutions as the next step in the evolution of customer communications, Madison Advisors sees opportunities for IPV to grow significantly as more customers opt for electronic communications and have the infrastructure to support high-speed Internet access. Madison Advisors estimated the size of the VPI market to be close to $200 million at the time of the study.

Examining IPV solutions from the perspective of transactional customer communications, the research evaluates five vendors that produce and distribute IPV to large numbers of customers on criteria that include advanced use of personalization, interactive use of customer data and the ability to easily integrate into enterprise data systems. All of the solutions included in this study operate in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. Madison Advisors therefore covers the different pricing models offered by each provider.

Because each vendor offers a different view of the IPV market and their product’s ability to deliver enhanced customer experience (CX), Madison Advisors developed Solution Vista, a comparison model that evaluates the range of IPV systems available, which is included in the study. Solution Vista scores participants on the functionality of the evaluated IPV products, as well as each vendor’s business model and strategic vision for IPV. Additionally, a number of use cases are identified in the study that describe how IPV can provide a significant advantage over other customer communication channels.

To purchase the full report, “Interactive Personalized Video Solutions Market Research,” click here.