Lies, damn lies and Covid statistics

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet lied. The New South Wales Department of Health lied. The question remains, have other state premiers misrepresented Covid health policies?

No, this is not an assumption, baseless claim or exaggeration.

Several weeks ago, Dominic Perrottet openly admitted to deliberately misleading the public in a bizarre rant that exposed recent health orders in New South Wales as nothing more than superficial (and costly) measures for the Department of Education “feels better” about the children returning to NSW. school.

Perrottet called the reinstallation of QR tests and the statewide use of RAT tests in schools as having “no purpose” and “no science.”

‘The most ironic thing I thought was us [NSW government] ended up bringing the QR codes back when we weren’t even tracking and tracing. There was no science behind it all. It had no use. But there has been a massive campaign and when these campaigns are launched, it drains the trust. And that kind of reporting, as we have seen over this period, has undermined trust in our people. So we brought it back for one reason: to inspire confidence so people go out using QR codes.

Yes, our supposed Covid-Safe society of ‘trusting science’ hasn’t been able to handle the truth, so the government has made companies sit there and watch people check in nowhere for ages. weeks, and the police fined them if they refused to participate in nonsense theater.

According to an ABC article at the time, Perrottet’s decision came after a National Cabinet meeting (the content of which is protected after the Prime Minister passed legislation to deter freedom of information requests) . Perrottet explained that the decision to reintroduce QR recordings was created as part of a series of measures that would “help with contact tracing”.

What is it if not a lie?

The NSW websites still state: “From 18 February 2022 QR check-ins will only be required for nightclubs, strip clubs, on-site sex venues and for music festivals over of 1,000 people. Hospitals, facilities for the elderly and disabled can use their existing systems to register visitors.

Does anyone use this information? That seems unlikely, and even if they are, what is the scientific value of tracing a virus with 195,000 active cases?

By far the most disturbing perspective offered by Perrottet was the state’s child abuse to make the education sector “feel better.”

‘When we announced the start of schools, the media rushed to find the scariest epidemiologist out there saying ‘every child in New South Wales would die’. And that was a problem, because you had to inspire confidence. So what did we do? Together we agreed to fetch all these rapid antigen tests – which was a huge expense,” the prime minister said.

Instead of standing firm and defending NSW Health’s vaunted ‘science’ – something citizens were told they couldn’t question when it was destroying their businesses and holding them hostage at home – Perrottet has implemented measures to keep the media quiet.

With the state in a financial mess, Perrottet authorized the NSW Department of Health to spend more than $57 million on rapid antigen tests for pupils to make the Department of Education feel better against hypochondriac parents and teachers.

Dubbed the ‘Covid Smart Plan’ to help (unnecessarily) get children back to school, it remains proudly advertised on the government’s website – even after the Prime Minister branded it old-fashioned propaganda .

“Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said it was vital to help students return to class safely after two years of disruption to their education. […] New COVID-smart measures will help achieve this, including twice-weekly monitoring student and staff testing with RATS.

Compare that to the prime minister’s outspoken comments in late February.

‘I mean, we had to get hold of – we bought millions of these tests and had the plan together and distributed them before schools started in three thousand schools in our state and five thousand daycares and preschools. .

“And doing this together and having this plan – and that’s another interesting thing about the pandemic – [the Department of] Health completely disagreed with this approach, moreover, they did not see the point of having monitoring tests, but [the Department of] Education wanted it because we have to restore confidence in our teachers and restore confidence in our parents.

It is a lie that continues to be printed and political. Why wasn’t it retracted with an apology?

When these revelations broke on social media, the majority of the press let the embarrassing truth quietly sink under the headlines, probably because they had invested thousands of pages in justifying and praising the sanitary measures exposed – and also because that Perrottet’s name has been dropped. the press as part of the problem.

There were no repercussions for this deception – not for the Ministry of Education, not the Ministry of Health, not the media.

At least Perrottet has offered a confession for making Covid health orders at this late stage of the pandemic, but what about his National Cabinet peers?

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk ran nearly identical RAT programs for schoolchildren earlier this year, while Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt squabbled over the right to boast.

They didn’t say anything.

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