GovOS Launches Business Licensing and Tax Reporting Solutions for Local Communities | Texas

AUSTIN, Texas, 22 December 2021 / PRNewswire / GovOS, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions for local communities, today announced the launch of its comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for business licensing and tax reporting. Built on MUNIRevs | With LODGINGRevs technology acquired earlier this year, GovOS Business Licensing and GovOS Tax Filing underscore the company’s commitment to providing local governments with the tools they need to accelerate digitization efforts in their communities.

Designed to improve revenue collection and reduce valuable staff time processing paperwork, GovOS Business Licensing and GovOS Tax Filing apply automation and intelligence features to improve the accuracy of these vital government processes. Local governments can now turn to GovOS to help them streamline the administration of tax rebates and business license renewals to better enable the growth of local businesses.

“In a local government’s journey to digital transformation, collecting taxes and issuing business licenses are vital functions that link online civic services and community engagement,” said Kevin lafeber, President, GovOS. “With our Application Studio platform and short-term rental solution, local governments have the means to make business run as usual, no matter what challenges they face. “

With the GovOS Business License solution, local business owners can complete the entire licensing process online. The system ensures ease of use for businesses of all sizes and helps business owners register and stay in compliance with local government regulations.

  • Data-driven insights to better understand market demographics
  • Dynamic workflows allow personalized recording requirements and the creation and adjustment of workflows as needed
  • An intuitive online portal that guides business owners through the authorization process and notifies them of any status changes or notifications
  • A top notch customer success team to monitor and respond to all product questions / concerns

Built by tax specialists who have worked in government space, the GovOS tax return The solution provides intuitive forms and automatic calculations. These basic design elements eliminate staff time wasted checking math errors or calculating missed income due to penalties or interest. The system automatically collects every dollar in real time.

  • Automatic calculations to prevent incorrect form submission
  • A single digital shopping cart that can handle multiple tax forms
  • Automatic tax deposits every day on any account
  • Customization of tax forms to adapt any form as needed
  • Fee adjustments on forms to offer a discount or apply a penalty

Adoption of the solution within local jurisdictions

To date, more than 30 jurisdictions have started using one or both GovOS solutions.

For the Little Rock, AR Convention & Visitors Bureau, GovOS Business Licensing offers new and existing local businesses a quick and easy way to register, apply for and receive permits, and pay taxes.

“With GovOS, our local business owners simply use our online portal to register and apply for the wide range of permits we have,” said Kasey L. Summerville, Senior Director of Tax Revenue, Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We then use GovOS Business Licensing to automatically calculate estimated and final tax assessments based on our jurisdiction’s data and create custom workflows to send payment notifications to vendors, and even allow them to pay for those final assessments in line. We now have over 89% of businesses in our jurisdiction enrolled in the Business Licensing Program, and the feedback from citizens and staff has been very positive. “

Marc Colvin, financial director of the Town of Wheat Ridge, CO states that GovOS Business Licensing and Tax Filing products have streamlined their work process with short-term rentals in their jurisdiction.

Wheat crest is west of Denver and like many others, we have seen the number of short term rentals in our municipality increase exponentially over the past few years, ”said Mark. “So when the city passed a short-term rental ordinance in early 2021 with a rollout in May 2021, we knew we needed a platform that we could implement and use with relative ease. The GovOS Business Licensing platform is user-friendly and easy to apply for licenses and remit taxes, and it has allowed our team to streamline workflows for approval and licensing. The implementation has been smooth and easy, and the response so far has been positive. “

GovOS is the leading digital transformation platform for local governments. Based at Austin, Texas, GovOS serves government agencies of all sizes across United States. With its secure and integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, governments can automate and streamline operations, provide seamless access to resources and information, and deliver cutting-edge digital services to businesses, residents and agencies.