Glasswall Solutions Partner Program to Create Cyber ​​Security Patches

About 70% of malware found embedded in downloaded files is of an unknown nature.

Glasswall Solutions, a UK cybersecurity firm, has launched its first partner program to build an ecosystem geared towards distributors, resellers, systems integrators and MSPs whose customers face a growing array of cybersecurity threats. Glass wall provides instant protection against file-based threats with its Disarming and Content Rebuilding (CDR) Technology.

With the increase in sophisticated threats, it is difficult to predict where and how an attacker escapes protection. About 70% of malware found embedded in downloaded files is of an unknown nature. Providing optimal protection against file-based threats requires a more proactive approach.

A game changer against cybercrime

Danny Lopez of Glasswall

Danny Lopez is CEO of Glasswall.

“At a time when the threats posed by malware and ransomware can lead to huge financial losses, compliance failures and business disruptions, CDR represents a sea change in the fight against cybercrime,” said Lopez. “Glasswall is on a journey of international growth. Our ecosystem of partners is fundamental to ensuring that organizations can transform their approach to file-based security.

Gartner states that “security officials should go beyond simple virus scanners to protect their backends from downloading malicious files.”

Discovery-based security must catch up with new threats, such as antivirus and sandboxing. However, Glasswall CDR offers proactive protection that doesn’t wait for detection. The technology cleans and reconstructs each file to match its “well-known” industry specification. It automatically removes potential threats. Additionally, the approach ensures the security of documents entering the organization, without sacrificing productivity, the company said.

Expand the security portfolio

Glasswall partners can offer its CDR technology to their customers. This allows them to provide a more robust security portfolio, the company said. Offered as a one-tier program, partners can access sales, marketing, and technical support and training services.

The benefits of the program include:

  • Partner Portal: Access sales and marketing help, technical support and pricing data anytime, anywhere
  • Marketing Development Fund: Up to 10% of partners’ annual revenue target to help them market and sell CDR solutions
  • Training: Help partners learn everything they need to know about CDR, from sales tactics to technical information in the Glasswall Partner Academy
  • Transaction recording: through the Partner Portal, partners can inform Glasswall to whom they are presenting CDR solutions and protect this transaction from their competitors

If a partner prefers to do an introduction to Glasswall solutions and let the company handle the sales process, they can become a go-to partner. They will get benchmark compensation with no special requirements or obligations, the company said.