Frontline Systems Launches Analytic Solver® V2022 with Optimization Performance Improvements

INCLINED VILLAGE, Nev., 20 December 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Frontline Systems introduces Analytic Solver® V2022, a new version of its set of advanced analysis tools for Excel (Web, Windows, and Macintosh), which allows business analysts to easily create custom models. ” help with business rules, machine learning, optimization and Monte Carlo simulation and easily deploy these models in cloud-based applications.

The Analytical Solver is compatible upwards from the Solver in Excel, which Frontline originally developed for Microsoft, and is capable of solving virtually any type or size of optimization model – using methods ranging from linear programming to genetic algorithms and stochastic optimization, ranging from a few to millions of interrelated decisions in a single model.

“With Analytic Solver, business analysts have powerful optimization, risk analysis and machine learning capabilities – and they can ‘go beyond Excel’ to access data, model management and to cloud-based governance, without losing the advantages of Excel, “said Daniel fylstra, President and CEO of Frontline.

Business intelligence results in months, not years

Analytic Solver works with RASON®, Frontline’s Azure-hosted platform, to enable users to “publish” and manage analytical models as RESTful decision services. The combination is a comprehensive “business intelligence suite” that supports business rules, forecasting, machine learning, optimization, and simulation methods, from small models to large multistep analysis workflows.

With Analytic Solver, users don’t need coding, DevOps, ModelOps, or IT expertise – they use a Deployment Wizard to turn their Excel models into an easily usable form in Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, or any app that can consume JSON or OData. These models can be used directly for classification and prediction (no auxiliary code such as R or Python is needed), and they are easily managed, governed and even executed in multistep “decision flows” with facilities. from RASON – taking advantage of Azure authentication and cybersecurity benefits.

Users can also deploy and share probability models, in accordance with the open standard Probability Management 3.0 – a major advantage for large organizations with multiple risk analysis and modeling projects.

Superior performance optimization

In addition to including the latest and fastest versions of optimization solvers such as Gurobi Solver 9.5 for linear, quadratic, and mixed problems, Analytic Solver V2022 delivers the fastest performance ever in the ‘model setup’. – the process of parsing a model with related, formulas and using Excel’s many built-in functions, and converting it into a relatively simple form that optimization solvers can use. For larger models, this can reduce end-to-end solution time by 50% or more.

These performance improvements apply to both Analytic Solver Desktop, which solves models on users’ own PCs, and Analytic Solver Cloud, which solves models “in the cloud” through the RASON service. RASON in V2022 includes further enhancements to its ability to simultaneously solve a wide range of models from many users and from different sources.

Automated Machine Learning with Find Best Model

Analytic Solver offers “augmented machine learning” functionality that is only found in other sophisticated machine learning tools. The user simply provides data in tabular form: Analytic Solver will test and evaluate several types of machine learning models – classification and regression trees, neural networks, linear and logistic regression, discriminant analysis, Naive Bayes, k- nearest neighbors and more, validate and compare them based on criteria chosen by the user and provide the model that best matches the data.

Better simulation models with Metalog distributions and fitting

In the risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, Analytic Solver and RASON provide leading support for the increasingly popular Metalog family of distributions, created by Dr. Tom keelin, which can approximate almost any classic continuous distribution and better accommodate historical data than traditional distributions. Only Analytic Solver will automatically adapt user data to the full range of possible Metalog distributions (limited and not limited, to multiple terms).

More optimization, simulation and data science improvements

Every year, users of Analytic Solver benefit from major functional and performance improvements for analytical modeling. Along with the new features in this release, improvements from the past 18 months include:

  • 15 new PSI simulation functions enable easy use in the cloud of time series simulation methods
  • 9 new PSI optimization functions enable sensitivity results live on spreadsheets
  • Use custom functions created with Excel’s LAMBDA or FEEL features in models
  • Multi-step “data science flows” in Analytic Solver are deployed as a RASON decision flow

Free trials, learning and coaching resources

Business analysts and developers can create free trial accounts to evaluate Analytic Solver at and RASON at They can use tools to build and solve models in Excel and RASON, exercise the REST API, try dozens of sample models demonstrating the use of decision tables, predictive models and machine learning, optimization and simulation, and download the Analytic Solver and RASON user guides and reference guides in PDF format. For more information, please contact

Frontline Systems Inc. ( is the alternative to the complexity of analytics, helping business analysts and managers gain insight and make better decisions for an uncertain future, without the cost, delays and risk of a “big supplier” tools. Its products integrate forecasting and data mining for “predictive analysis”, Monte Carlo simulation for risk analysis, conventional and stochastic optimization for “prescriptive analytics”, as well as business rules and Excel calculations to make the best business decisions. Founded in 1987, Frontline is based in Inclined Village, Nevada (775-831-0300).

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