LONDON, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UPL Ltd. (NSE: UPL & BSE: 512070 LSE: UPLL) (“UPL”), a global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, today announced that its post-harvest business, DECCO, through a subsidiary, has acquired from TeleSense, the world’s leading provider of remote monitoring solutions for crop storage and transportation, to advance its mission to reduce food waste and support food supply chain sustainability. TeleSense will join DECCO in the OpenAg® network, a platform launched by UPL, committed to reinventing sustainability for global agriculture.

TeleSense uses scalable sensor technology on an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in stored grain and other crops. It uses fixed and portable sensors to monitor the condition of stored food products, automates early detection of potential problems such as hot spots, excess moisture and pests and mitigates spoilage, quality degradation and food waste. The TeleSense app provides users with alerts to effectively manage crop quality, reduce waste, ensure safety and improve operational efficiency. The addition of TeleSense technology to DECCO’s portfolio completes its robust line of monitoring, safety and gas detection devices as well as fumigants.

DECCO is a world leader in providing post-harvest solutions to reduce food waste and improve the freshness of fruits and vegetables throughout the food supply chain. The acquisition of TeleSense follows a successful strategic collaboration formalized between UPL and TeleSense in January 2021. It continues the ongoing commitment of DECCO and the wider OpenAg® network to invest in technologies that improve food safety, advance sustainability of the sector and empower farmers. and producer resilience.

Jai Shroff, Global CEO of UPL Ltd., said: “Over the past six months, the challenge of food safety has captured global attention, but one important aspect has been overlooked: food waste. More than 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted each year. – up to a third of all food produced for human consumption – much before it reaches consumers. produce constant innovation of smarter and safer solutions to minimize waste at the heart of the food system.”

Naeem Zafar, Co-Founder of TeleSense, Inc. said, “TeleSense’s vision was to revolutionize the way food is stored by bringing the latest digital technologies to solve age-old problems. DECCO shares this vision, and we saw first-hand the benefits of collaborating and combining complementary technology offerings. We are thrilled to have joined DECCO and embarked on a new chapter to improve post-harvest innovation worldwide.

Francisco Jose Rodriguez Nogueron, President and CEO of DECCO Worldwide, added, “We are delighted to welcome TeleSense to UPL’s OpenAg® network. By joining forces, we are creating an unparalleled set of post-harvest solutions that will enable growers, warehouses, packers, and processors to maximize quality preservation and prevent food loss. »

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About UPL

UPL Ltd. (NSE: UPL & BSE: 512070, LSE: UPLL) is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products and solutions, with annual sales in excess of $6 billion. We are a goal-oriented company. Through OpenAg®, UPL is focused on accelerating progress in the food system. We are building a network that is reinventing sustainability, redefining the way an entire industry thinks and works – open to new ideas, innovation and new answers as we strive to achieve our mission to make every food product more sustainable. As one of the largest agricultural solutions companies in the world, our strong portfolio consists of organic products and traditional crop protection solutions with over 14,000 records. We are present in more than 130 countries, represented by more than 10,000 colleagues worldwide.

For more information on our integrated portfolio of solutions across the food value chain, including seed, post-harvest, as well as physical and digital services, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


DECCO, a UPL company, is the global leader in post-harvest solutions to reduce food waste and improve the freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the food supply chain, from harvest to kitchen. DECCO delivers value to packers, shippers, supermarkets and consumers every day with custom coatings, rot control, sanitizing and disinfection products, application technology, on-site service and more than 90 years post-harvest expertise. More than 200 dedicated DECCO employees operate in more than 40 countries. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About TeleSense

TeleSense is digitizing the post-harvest grain supply chain. Using advanced IoT, real-time environmental monitoring, and cloud-based artificial intelligence technology, TeleSense provides managers with actionable insights into their stored crops, so they can quickly and easily make storage decisions and more cost-effective transportation. The company’s wireless sensors and app work together to continuously monitor crops and automatically send alerts to users, mitigating spoilage, infestation and quality degradation. TeleSense is also modernizing traditional temperature cable systems to integrate them into its fully wireless software ecosystem. For more information, visit

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