Danske Bank to introduce new support measures for transgender staff

DANSKE Bank has announced new support measures, including paid leave, to support transgender staff.

The lender’s “transition to work” policy follows the recent announcement of paid menopause leave of up to 10 days for workers.

New supports for trans staff include three days off to attend medical appointments and an additional 10 days off to deal with issues relating to their transition and a flexible dress code.

“Recognizing that each transition is unique and driven by the individual, the new policy offers a wide range of support for colleagues about to transition, those currently in transition and those who have already made the transition” , the bank said.

Danske Bank’s Director of Human Resources, Caroline van der Feltz, said: “We want all of our colleagues to be themselves and create a work environment where no one should have to hide behind a mask.

“It is only when colleagues feel truly connected to their organization that they can reach their full potential. For the next step in this journey, we wanted to support colleagues who do not identify with social gender norms. Our new policy aims to reassure colleagues that we recognize that each individual’s journey is different and that we will support them, while seeking to create a culture of understanding among all our employees and our leaders.

Kerry Phillips, Diversity and Inclusion Partner at Danske Bank, added: “Sex and gender are two distinct concepts that are often used interchangeably.

“For some people, there is a difference in the sex they were assigned at birth and in their gender identity – their personal sense of having a particular gender.

“For us, it’s just about prioritizing human dignity and individuality and doing the right thing by supporting colleagues in every step they can take to make the transition.”