Contempt: Act 2 Walkthrough | Guide to all puzzle solutions

We have the (cylindrical) key to victory.


Contempt lets you get lost in a world you absolutely don’t belong to. Ominous machines mutilate human-like creatures and disfigure your lost, frail figure so regularly that you’ll have no idea what’s good and what’s bad. As weird as the puzzles are, they do have some logic to them – and if you’re really paying attention, you might even figure out what you’re trying to do. It is absolutely true of Contempt Act 2.

In Act 2, your unnamed character is lost outside the starting facility and forced to backtrack to a completely abandoned section. The floors are littered with ledges of flesh, dusty corpses, and one particularly menacing creature. By the end of Act 2, you’ll even start unlocking some standard FPS gameplay tropes – a weapon and a healing station. Yes, you have health in this game.

Below, we’ll walk you through all of Act 2. The puzzles get trickier even though the progression is (mostly) more linear here. We’ll see if that lasts as we continue into Act 3.

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Your day is about to get worse. Waking up in an organic pod, you’ll free yourself from the hardened slime shell and rip a throbbing tentacle from your chest. The next moments are calm – follow the path through the barren terrain. Eventually you will come across a massive structure and an entrance.

Progress upwards and deeper into the abandoned facility. This place is truly abandoned – and overrun with pointy-tailed creatures. There are enemies here, so be on your guard. Keep going until you reach a locked door.

  • Get cylinder device: At the locked door (like those encountered in Act 1) there is a corpse on the opposite wall. Interact with the corpse to get a cylindrical device.
    • REMARK: The first cylinder key puzzle can be found here. If you miss it, you’ll easily find it later – we’ve included this (very simple) puzzle as the third of the cylindrical puzzles.

Go back down the hall to a nearby room with glowing red eggs. Use the cylinder on the machine to the right of the “shell” that we can’t interact with yet. The cylinder is a key and unlocks the door.

Go through the door and use the switch to lower the elevator. Take the elevator and enter the “heart” through the narrow passage. You will find a switch at the end.

  • The three tunnels: At the switch level, you can select one of three tunnels. Selecting a tunnel will cause the passageway to stretch and connect, allowing you access to each path. You can only access one path at a time.
    • Let’s start with the left tunnel. This is the leftmost tunnel from our starting position.
    • There are three accessible tunnels. The left tunnel, the middle tunnel and the right tunnel. The right tunnel is blocked and not yet accessible.

Follow the left tunnel:

Through the left path we will come across another key device. Use the key to start a weird puzzle with spinning cylinders.

  • How to solve the cylinder key puzzle: After inserting the key, the outer ring will start to rotate. We need to move the “catcher” to one of the four positions and use it to lock the rotating ring in place.
    • outer ring: Stops at the lower left slot after several cycles.
    • middle ring: Stops at the upper right location.
    • inner ring: Stops at the upper left location.
  • Lock all slots, then align them to the north (up). Interact to complete the puzzle.

It’s unclear what this machine actually does, but it seems to upgrade our key. There’s nothing more to do here, so let’s go to the Middle Tunnel.

After the middle tunnel:

Along the middle path, we will encounter a giant spinning fan. Go past it and up the ramps to encounter another wild animal – follow it through the vent and to a sunny nursery. There is a hallway that leads to three tentacle vents. Pull all three to stop the spinning fan.

When you leave, a creature will attack you and cling to you. He wears another Jackhammer weapon, so it’s really useful! With a bit of luck.

Browse the fan blades off. The path leads to a second key puzzle. We solve it exactly like the first puzzle.

  • Solve the second cylinder key puzzle: Same as before. Stop the rings with the catcher. Grab all three then line up north to complete the mechanism. Completing this adds another ringtone to our key.

Use the elevator to go back down to a device that uses your Jackhammer weapon to open a door. Before the Jackhammer, there is also a [Spike-Wrist] fitter. Don’t miss it! We’re not right in front of the locked door – where we found the cylinder key.

  • Solve the third cylinder key puzzle: If you missed it the first time, there is a cylinder device we can interact with. It is located directly above the corpse holding the cylinder key, opposite the locked door.

We now have three out of four key cylinders. Go back to the tunnel junction and enter the left tunnel again. We now have the [Spike-Wrist] and can interact with the machines in the control room.

Back on the left tunnel:

In front of the Puzzle Key Cylinder, you can enter a control room with a corpse. Move the body and use your new [Spike-Wrist] to operate the machinery. Move the spine-shaped connector to the tunnel blocked by corpses. Interact to apply acid and melt through corpses. It is previously the rightmost tunnel, from the starting position. Now we can go down this road.

Follow the tunnel on the right (unblocked):

The tunnel filled with corpses is now unlocked. Go inside to find the final cylinder puzzle.

  • Solve the fourth cylinder key puzzle: Unlock the other puzzles, this one is half obscured. You will have to guess where each ring stops. Or check out the answers below.
    • outer ring: Top right
    • middle ring: At the bottom right
    • inner ring: At the bottom left

Return to the room with the red plant buds and use the cylinder key to lower the four buds, which raises a terminal. With all four down, it won’t reset.

The cylinder lock with slide to a control panel on the left. You will have to solve a tricky puzzle to match all the white lights with the red dots.

  • How to solve the cylindrical light puzzle: For this puzzle, we need to move each white ring to a red light. We have to match the four lights. Each ring can only progress if it is correctly aligned. Here is a step by step solution.
    • We will assign a number to each ringtone. The rings go from 1 to 4 (from left to right).
    • Move Ring 1 to the lower path. Enter by moving left once.
    • Move Ring 2 to the upper path. Go up four times, left once.
    • Move Ring 3 to the lower path. Go down four, left once.
    • Move ring 4 to the middle path. Go up twice, left once.
    • Rings 2 to 4 are now in the correct positions. Go up twice to solve the puzzle.

REMARK: You can reset the positions of the four rings by moving them up/down their range of motion.

Solving the puzzle rewards you with a [Locked Door Decoder]. We can now “hack” locked doors to open them. Return to the nearby locked door and interact to open it. Follow the path, open the second locked door and take the elevator down.

Upon exiting the elevator, that creature attached to you (remember that?) will attack. To heal yourself, interact with the strange device nearby to recharge the “Heart” device with multiple healing charges.

Use the third locked door and you’ll be back where we started act 1. Go back to the very first room we woke up to at the start of the game – remember, there was a locked door too. Unlock the door, take the elevator down and say hello to a whole new area. We have just completed another section of the story.