Cheapest solutions, rewards and statistics

Do you want to recover quickly? So Jonathan Klaus is your man.

2022 is off to a fast start for FIFA 22 players, with Headliners cards and team building challenges added to go along with them.

Titles are dynamic elements that can gradually improve over the course of the season. Right off the bat, these cards come with better-than-normal stats for players lucky enough to get treatment from the top players. In addition, the improvements are better than any previous card based on the performance they could have received (MOTM or TOTW).

It’s not just an individual boost that they can get, but if the team that is part of a four-game winning streak at the national championship, they will get a one-time permanent promotion.

However, Jonathan Clauss can be obtained from RC Lens via SBC, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know.

Jonathan Clauss Headliners SBC – The cheapest solution

In order for players to receive the Jonathan Clauss Headliners card, they will need to trade a total of two unique teams. The total cost can range from 73,000 to 77,000 coins, depending on which console you choose.

To note: All prices are provided by FUTBIN and are subject to change.

France SBC

SBC France solution. (Photo: FUTBIN)
  • Number of players from France: minimum 1
  • If players: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: Minimum 83
  • Team chemistry: 75 minutes
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

a price: Small Back Prime Gold Player Pack

Ligue 1 SBC

Jonathan Clause
Ligue 1 SBC. (Photo: FUTBIN)
  • Number of Ligue 1 players: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: 85 or more
  • Team chemistry: 70 minutes
  • Number of players in the squad: 11

a price: Rare Mixed Player Pack

Jonathan Clauss Headliners SBC – Stats

Jonathan Clause
Statistics Jonathan Klaus. (Photo: FUTBIN)
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Be sure to come back to our dedicated FIFA page as the FUT Versus event continues to unfold. More special boost cards are expected in Ultimate Team, and we’ll have all the final clues on how to unlock them.

Image provided by EA Sports.