Millions of people start each day by setting their budget. A lot of people encounter issues with finances, like medical care, travel bills, fees, and the list goes on. In the event of an emergency, which glass should be broken? It is easy to deal with emergencies by requesting one of our cashRead More →

The Statehouse shouldn’t be a madhouse this week, but it is. New Mexico’s 30-day legislative session ends Thursday at noon. The 112 part-time legislators are prone to mismanage the clock, often on purpose. Lawmakers trying to appease campaign donors will strangle good bills by killing time. Indifference to the oppressedRead More →

Vinny-Tennis One morning last fall, Kenneth Leslie woke up in his car in the parking lot of a Chester County Walmart and knew he had hit rock bottom. He had ended a toxic relationship with his girlfriend the previous week, leaving behind the beautiful two-bedroom apartment they had shared. HeRead More →

The only mortgage broker in Australia with an app designed to help you save money, Finspo helps you tackle your mortgage head-on. Mortgages are a hot topic right now. As property prices continue to rise, a potential rise in RBA cash rates and housing affordability issues reported everywhere; it’s noRead More →

This is a very common situation among freelancers because their income is not the same all the time. I didn’t want to ask my partner for money, so I turned to The potential lender was found a few hours after the application was approved. The next day after submittingRead More →

Advancement in the corporate sector, especially in the financial sector due to the creation of fintech applications, has changed the business landscape. Older and more established organizations are now looking for new and more advanced ways of doing business. The fintech industry produces annual revenues of billions of dollars, andRead More →

Rep. Susan Herrera, D-Embudo, left, speaks with Rep. Wonda Johnson, D-Church Rock, upstairs at the Roundhouse on Monday. Herrera is sponsoring a bill to lower the interest rate cap on small loans. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal) SANTA FE — The State House passed legislation late Monday that would cap the interestRead More →