Call for stronger measures to tackle anti-social behavior in Bradford

There was “convincing support” for it to be extended, but questions have been raised about the impact it has had since it came into force.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Empty drink bottles litter the ground in Bradford town centerEmpty drink bottles litter the ground in Bradford city center (Image: Adam Porter/T&A Camera Club)

A report to a meeting of the Regulatory and Appeals Committee states: “Since 2019, 50% believe the level of alcohol-related ASB has increased and 25% say it has stayed the same, with 12% saying that it has decreased.

Although there was broad support for the PSPO extension, 40% of people said they felt unsafe, while 38% said they saw no difference.

And when discussing why they didn’t feel safer, people said there were more antisocial street drinkers; there are not enough officers to enforce the PSPO, it is not effective and the current provisions do not solve the problem, neither in principle nor in terms of the personnel available to solve the problem.

People have also raised concerns about loud voices, public fights and feeling intimidated.

The report also identifies key areas of concern regarding alcohol-related antisocial behavior.

These are Ivegate; Centenary Square; Hustlergate; north defile; the bottom of Sunbridge Road; Bradford city center and Forster Square.

Crowgill Park in Shipley has also been identified as an area of ​​concern, along with some areas of Keighley town centre.

The report says: “It should also be stressed, however, that the PSPO alone will not solve the problems of street drinking by those with multiple and complex needs.

“The support work carried out in the ‘Top of Town’ area (Bradford city centre) showed that many members of the ‘street drinking community’ had withdrawn from a range of services during the period of Covid and that would likely make their needs more acute.”

He adds: “City Center Beat welcomes the extension of the PSPO to tackle anti-social drinking in the city centre.

“However, they were also keen that the order needed more resources to have an impact on the issues, particularly associated with street drinkers.

“Bradford BID (Business Improvement District) fully supports the expansion of the PSPO and recognizes that it has had an impact in tackling anti-social behaviour.

“However, in doing so, they also wish to put on record their view that the current Ordinance lacks effectiveness and to request that the Council strengthen its resources for the enforcement of the Ordinance, particularly in relation to the consumption of alcohol in the street.”

“West Yorkshire Police support extending the order. Neighborhood Police Inspectors in Keighley and Bradford Central believe the current PSPO would be more effective with greater resources and that the current wording of the order could be changed to allow officers to better respond to anti-social behaviour.

Alison Lowe, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, supports the PSPO extension and said: “Through our engagement with communities, statutory partners and the third sector, we know the impact of the ASB on regular alcohol consumers in our town centres.

“I also know that many of those who will be affected by PSPO may have multiple and complex needs, so I support their need to be referred for further support.

“With this in mind, I support the PSPO which will help us reduce alcohol and ASB crime and support our shared vision in the Bradford district.”

Councilors will be told that to address the concerns it is proposed to amend the order to ‘enable us to better respond to incidents of anti-social behaviour’.

The report states: “This will allow us to tackle and take action against the most persistent offenders.

“The new wording proposed for inclusion in the revised ordinance adds to the list of behaviors that constitute a violation of the ordinance: repeated drunken and antisocial behavior is such that it includes, but is not limited to to cries; swear; intimidate others; harassing others; urinate in a public place.

The meeting will take place Thursday at the town hall.