BioLife Solutions Deploys SciSafe’s Ultra-Low Temperature Controlled Trailers to Expand Home Cold Chain Services

New service will allow life sciences companies to seamlessly move hardware as well as biomaterials locally

BOTHEL, Wash., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BioLife Solutions, Inc.. (NASDAQ: BLFS), a leading provider of reference biomanufacturing tools and services for cell and gene therapy (“CGT”) and broader biopharmaceutical markets, today announced that its SciSafe® The biostorage services platform will now offer a fleet of refrigerated and ultra-low temperature (“ULT”) semi-trailers to handle local cold chain movements for customers’ biomaterials. This fleet provides an ideal transport solution for any movement of biologics requiring ULT storage between -20°C and -196°C without the need for additional dry ice when moving from the pharmaceutical manufacturer to the development company sites. and Contract Manufacturing (“CDMO”). and can be deployed worldwide. Running on generator power with dual cooling systems, the fleet can also transport up to ten ULT freezers plugged in, powered up and running at once, increasing supported temperatures down to -86°C with equipment to track the location and temperatures of the trailer. , in real time. Temperature controlled trailers can also carry liquid nitrogen storage freezers containing biological materials stored at -150°C and colder.

From day-to-day sample management to the deployment of clinical trial drugs requiring ULT freezers at clinical sites, life science organizations, and especially large pharmaceutical companies, face significant challenges when moving high-value assets that have strict storage temperature requirements. This new inland transportation service enables operational flexibility and reduced risk from the same vendor that SciSafe customers already trust for their sample management. Additionally, the ability to ship older freezers to SciSafe for management and replace them across the facility with newer models supports campus sustainability and helps reduce energy costs.

“Our ability to safely move customers’ biomaterials at ultra-low temperatures is highly valued by pharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy companies,” said mike rice, Chairman and CEO of BioLife Solutions. “This service also strongly complements our internal use of our cold chain product portfolio, including the evo® DV10 Smart Shipper™, Ultracold Stirling® liquid nitrogen storage cryogenic freezers and freezers. These temperature-controlled trailers increase the volume as well as the type of materials that can be moved and, in turn, increase the value we can offer our customers.”

SciSafe recently moved 16 ULT freezers for long term storage management for a top ten pharmaceutical company. The units have arrived safely at the desired temperature and will now live permanently in the SciSafe biodepot.

The management forecast for storage and storage services revenue in 2022 ranges from $210.5mm to $26 million, with total sales between $1590.5mm to 171mm.

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BioLife Solutions is a leading provider of leading biomanufacturing tools and services for cell and gene therapy and the broader biopharmaceutical markets. Our tool portfolio includes our own CryoStor® and Hypothermosol® biopreservation medium for transport and storage, ThawingSTAR® family of automated waterless defrosting products, evolution® cold chain management system, large capacity cryogenic freezers, Ultracold Stirling mechanical freezers, SciSafe biological product storage services, and Sexton Biotechnologies cell processing tools. For more information, please visit,, www.stirlingultracold.comWhere and follow BioLife on Twitter.

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