BETER announced new measures to strengthen the integrity of the tournament

Betting and gaming solutions provider BETER this week announced a set of new measures for tournament organizers aimed at raising the level of event transparency.

Transparency of events is paramount

BETER aims to raise the bar of integrity for each of its popular live events with a range of different policies developed in agreement with the International Olympic Committee and sports federations governing the Setka Cup and EsportsBattle, as well as a common applicable policy. to any other tournament organizer.

Andrii Nerkutov, Integrity Director of BETER, stressed that the “principles of fair play” and tournament integrity are at the heart of BETER’s activities and that the company is constantly looking for ways to refine its policy of integrity. integrity and to ensure the “security” of his community.

“We view the integration of our new procedures and systems as another layer of integrity on behalf of our operator partners – ensuring they can have absolute confidence in the transparency of all live events delivered by BETER. internal IT and the chatbot ensure the safety of tournament participants and allow confidential reporting of suspicious activity.

Andrii Nekrutov, Integrity Manager, BETER

Improvement areas

Developed by Nekrutov, who joined BETER in 2021 and has been instrumental in improving the company’s industry benchmarks, the new metrics focus on four areas where tournament and event integrity can be enhanced: detection of suspicious behavior, awareness campaigns, intelligence-based activities. investigation and compliance with local sports integrity laws.

BETER will use an Integrity Operations Center as a point of sale for consistent exchange of information on foul play issues with its partners, while an in-house team operating around the clock will leverage technology from the company to provide a holistic analysis of ongoing suspicious events. as a fraud detection service.

In terms of awareness campaigns, BETER will use various methods, including e-learning, training, setting up a whistleblower platform, implementing pre-employment checks of staff and participants in the tournament, as well as an ethics committee to promote standards and provide collaboration. with sports federations.

BETER will initiate investigations in cases where suspicious behavior has been identified, working with law enforcement and judicial authorities, while all integrity-related intelligence will be stored in an incident database. ‘integrity.

To ensure compliance with the sports integrity laws of each Tournament Organizer’s home country, BETER will deploy constant monitoring and conduct regular reviews of existing regulatory environments in light of international sporting practice.