AirTag car theft solver? This Man Just Got His Stolen Range Rover SUV Back

Apple AirTag reunited this man with his stolen Range Rover SUV! Learn all about the Airtag car theft resolution case. Here is what happened.

Is there an AirTag car theft solving feature? Well, for all intents and purposes, there certainly is, for this man at least. Apple AirTags have been making headlines lately for the wrong reasons when they were used for harassment by miscreants. But this time, Apple AirTag proved to be of immense help as it led a man to find a lost item – a massive Range Rover SUV! A report from Apple Insider reveals that a man from Canada used AirTag trackers to locate the SUV, which was later recovered by police. But not before learning a costly lesson.

A month ago, Lorne, the owner of the stolen Range Rover in the Avenue area of ​​Toronto, Canada, lost his SUV. Later, he purchased an identical unit of the SUV to replace the lost vehicle, as the lost SUV was never found. Indeed, the thief had already moved the owner’s wallet and family members’ smartphone from the car before driving off in an attempt to prevent tracking. The thieves were able to disable the manufacturer-installed tracker in the car, according to the report citing Lorne.

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Much wiser after his loss, Lorne planned to put up to three Apple AirTags in the new Range Rover SUV: one in the glove compartment, the second inside the spare tire and a third under the rear seat. A week ago, on June 22, he woke up to find that his second SUV had also been stolen!

That’s when Apple’s AirTags came into the picture.

He used Apple’s Find My app to track the lost car. Using Apple AirTags, he found his SUV near a metal recycling plant in nearby Scarborough. He immediately approached the police station, and soon enough he was informed that his car had been found along with several others! Notably, the AirTag sends a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected through Apple’s Find My app.

While this case has definitely made headlines, the humble Airtag’s real purpose is to keep track of personal items such as keys, wallets, purses, or luggage. Perhaps, thanks to Lorne, the gadget just found another use, that of a car tracker.