“85% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size”: 61 Wild Stats As Random As They Are Interesting, As Shared On This Twitter Page

If someone asks you if you like math, your answer might not be too enthusiastic. But if someone asked you if you’d like to learn interesting facts about the world and all of its inhabitants, you might be a little more inclined to say yes. As boring as the word “statistics” may sound, even though it may make you think of a nap party from a course you took in high school and barely passed with a passing grade, statistics can be quite exciting.

To teach you a little more about our amazing planet and all the people who inhabit it, we dove deep into the World of statistics Twitter account. Whether you’re curious about the most spoken languages ​​in the world or what percentage of the population is incapable of having smelly armpits, World of Statistics has you covered.

Below you’ll find our favorite fascinating stats from the page that we think you’ll also enjoy, along with interviews with Denis, the creator of World of Statistics, and Tim Macuga, Senior Project Officer for the Australian Data Science Network. and part of the team behind The random sample podcast. So be sure to vote for the stats that blow your mind, then let us know in the comments what was the most interesting stat you’ve ever heard. And if you are interested in learning even more fun facts after completing this article, you can check out another bored panda list containing statistics that you may not know here.