11 practical technology solutions for poultry farmers

Technology can take farm management to the next level, and a well thought-out investment can help reduce overall costs.

Whether you want to transform herd performance, reduce labor costs or improve housing infrastructure, there are innovative kits to help streamline operations.

From nutritional and wellness aids to lighting and learning systems, we bring together a selection of the latest technologies to make farm operations easier and more profitable.

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1. Sanigene disinfection door

Biosecurity Vehicle Sprayer

The Sanigene disinfection gate is designed to improve farm biosecurity by providing 360 degree coverage of vehicles.

Vehicles slowly pass through the rectangular gate, which has nozzles located on both sides and above and below the vehicle.

Sanigene Gate © Interhatch

This allows the roof, underside and sides of vehicles at site entrances to be disinfected.

The gate is 5.25m high and 4m wide, and a 20m hose is supplied for those hard to reach areas. Automatic sensors can be included and the unit comes with a 230V or 400V electric pump.

Price From £7,000

Learn more www.interhatch.com

2. KewLED sphere

Plug-and-play dimmable light

KewLED Sphere lamps can be retrofitted to poultry houses, layers and pig houses. The spherical shape provides even light distribution to eliminate dark spots and bird clusters in sheds.

KewLED sphere

© KewLED

The lights are fully dimmable and come in a range of brightness levels from warm white at 3000 Kelvin to daylight white at 6000K.

The units can be mounted vertically or horizontally and have an IP67 waterproof rating, making them suitable for agricultural units.

Price Availability is through the wholesaler

Learn more www.kewleds.com/agriculture

3. Pondus contactless weigher

Remote, in-shed, camera-based bird weighing system

The non-contact weigher is a camera system that can calculate the weight of birds and analyze the behavior of broilers.

Using sophisticated imagery to take measurements allows a larger cross-section of the herd to be monitored, providing better representation of weight data for management decisions.

Pondus contactless weigher

© Pondus

Eliminating the need to manually weigh bird samples also reduces staff time, reduces stress on the flock, and minimizes the risk of spreading infections from workers’ clothing.

Price From £1,800

Learn more www.pondus.xyz

4. Greenengage Animal Welfare Index

Animal welfare data collector

The data collector acts as the eyes, ears and nose of a breeder using cameras and sensors to collect information through sound, emissions and behavior.

The software then analyzes the collected items – such as hen calls, ammonia levels and movement patterns – to create an Animal Welfare Index score.

Greenengage SADIE

© Greenengage

When combined with productivity data, the score creates a measure that can be used to assess and improve animal welfare and compliance.

Further analysis of the data in conjunction with veterinarians and consultants can help trace litter or health issues.

Price Plans from £150 to £1000 plus monthly subscription

Learn more www.greengage.global


Remote monitoring of silos

FeedAlert is an app-based silo monitoring system that allows farmers to manage feed remotely.

A range of weighing equipment, from strain gauges to load cells, can be fitted to Collinson silos. Data can be viewed at the silo or remotely using the FeedAlert app.

The app notifies users of low power levels to prevent outages, provides seven-day forecasts for better delivery management, 30-day history and daily usage summaries.

It can be shared with the entire workforce to further reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Price Systems start from £450

Learn more www.feedalert.co.uk

6. Pruex Bobi HP Spray System

Ammonia reduction system

Pruex Bobi is a robotic spray system designed to reduce ammonia emissions from pig and poultry production and reduce the need for antibiotics.

A dashboard of sensors measures the barn’s ammonia, carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature levels, as well as climate data from outside the buildings.

An aerosol containing non-infectious bacteria is sprayed in the barn to compete with and reduce levels of harmful organisms such as E coli, pseudomonas and streptococci.

Pruex Bobi HP Spray System

© Price

The manufacturer claims improved air quality to benefit the health and well-being of staff and birds while increasing production.

Price Farrowing buildings from £5,000; 12,000 Bird Flat Deck from £7,500; 32,000 tiered birds from £15,000

Learn more www.pruex.co.uk

7. Cobb Academy

Distance learning platform

The Cobb Academy is an online education and training system using leading experts, which aims to help students learn from scratch, refresh their existing skills or grow in their current roles.

The modular online platform allows students to learn at a pace that fits their life and work. Additional material can be downloaded to extend the training.

Cobb Academy Logo

© Cobb Vantress

The courses are free to access and at the end of each module, through a variety of courses, students will complete an assessment and receive a certificate.

Price Free

Learn more www.cobb-vantress.com/academy/hatchieves

8. Siroc Sterling Heater

Heating unit for high poultry houses

The Siroc Sterling Heater is designed for poultry houses of 4.5m or more.

The unit captures rising warm air and mixes it with falling incoming cool air, creating vertical circulation.

© Roxell B.V.

As the unit operates, it gradually reduces temperature differences between ridge and floor to just 0.5°C.

The heat is thus distributed evenly, reducing cold spots and favoring the diffusion of the floc over the entire floor surface.

Price POA

Learn more www.roxell.com/siroc-sterling-space-heater

9. Pestwest Chameleon Qualis

Low power consumption LED flight control

Killgerm Chemicals’ Chameleon Qualis LED Fly Control Units provide 360 ​​degree light distribution from a QuantumX tubular bulb.

This provides better insect attraction than standard 120 degree LEDs on the market. It also claims to have the lowest running costs compared to similar flight units.

Qualis chameleon Pestwest

© Killgerm Chemicals

Based on an electricity price of 20p/kWh, the 13W units would cost just £23/year to run. Running costs for standard 20W LEDs would be £12/unit more, and older fluorescent units would cost almost £50 more.

Each QuantumX long-life bulb should last a full year of operation.

Price POA

Learn more www.quantumx.pestwest.com

10. TPI Aeron Wall Entry

Chicken coop wall air inlet

The Aeron wall inlet creates directional air jets to provide more precise control when ventilation is at a minimum.

It does this via an interior W-shaped valve rather than the flat panel used in standard units. With a centrally hinged inner valve, air also flows under the valve when it is more than a third open.

TPI Aeron Wall Entry

© Climatec

This guides the air downwards to give a cooling effect. The inner valve has seals to prevent air leaks and newly designed springs for smooth operation.

Price POA

Learn more www.climatec.co.uk

11. Dosatron SmartDosing+

Self-controlled hydraulic dosing

SmartDosing+ is based on Dosatron’s drinking water treatment pumps, but includes a range of high-tech features.

These include real-time logging and access to pump data. Combined with stored information, this allows herd managers to optimize levels, timing and duration of treatments and medications.

The unit is also self-monitoring and will alert users to treatment tank levels, water overflows, leaks and pump faults. The included software can be configured to suit individual herd management practices.

Price POA

Learn more www.smartdosing.dosatron.com/en